Business-to-Business Research

Throughout our history, we have had a focus on business-to-business marketing. The target audiences for our work have been diverse - from professionals, such as accountants, attorneys, physicians and nurses; to those involved in distribution and retailing, such as auto dealers, distributors and store owners; to trade workers, such as home builders and cabinet makers. But in all instances, the key issues have been the same: examining how people purchase and use products that affect their livelihood rather than their homes. And our experiences have taught us valuable lessons that have enhanced our ability to deliver high quality work to our clients.

Our quantitative business-to-business research experience has taught us:

  • How to find decision makers in large and small businesses.
  • How to get through gatekeepers to reach the person we need to interview.
  • The types of questions and issues that can be explored with business decision-makers to maximize their involvement in the process.
  • The best methods to convey complex product ideas and the optimum methods for obtaining respondent cooperation.

Through our qualitative business-to-business research experience, we have learned how to:

  • Successfully screen and recruit senior executives and professionals, to make sure that the right people are invited to the group and that they are committed to group participation.
  • Convey complex technical information, through product demonstrations, hands-on usage experiences, and co-moderation
  • Structure a moderator's guide to increase the willingness of participants to share information with their peers.
  • Handle the status differences during sessions that can influence the willingness of some professionals to contribute.
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