Quantitative Research

Our quantitative research strengths are based on our proven track record in study design, project management, data collection and data analysis.

Superior Project Design and Management

More than twenty years of experience working with some of the largest companies in the world have given the senior partners at Calo Research Services an exposure to a range of marketing issues. Using a variety of research techniques, we have designed hundreds of quantitative studies to effectively meet our client's marketing information needs. Complementing that experience, the close supervision provided by our senior managers ensures efficient project execution

A Range Of Data Collection Methods

Not using a one-size-fits-all approach to data collection, we will recommend the best method to meet your quantitative marketing information needs: telephone interviewing, online interviewing or a hybrid approach.

In-House Data Collection

Our solidly trained, experienced interviewers know how to find the right respondents for your study, engage them in the interview, and probe for valuable information.

Expanded Capacity for Large Sample Projects

Partnerships with two large telephone research centers and an international leader in online research supplement our in-house data collection capabilities.

Comprehensive Reporting Using Industry Standard Tools

Industry standard cross-tabulation and statistical packages, and an experienced staff that knows how to select and apply the right techniques for your data processing needs, allow us to provide tabulations, charts, and statistical analyses that summarize and illuminate the findings.

Experience Exploring Important Issues for Today's Marketers

Our quantitative research focuses on the key issues faced by marketers today, including:

  • Brand equity
  • Category opportunity and needs analysis
  • Customer retention: loyalty and lost order research
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Distribution and channel selection
  • Industry status and trends
  • Market sizing and market share
  • Marketing communications development and measurement
  • Pricing
  • Product definition and development
  • Success of new business proposals: win/loss research