Healthcare Research

Working for companies that target nurses, physicians, and other healthcare providers, hospital administrators, lab managers, patients and biomedical researchers working in government, academic and business environments, Calo Research Services has demonstrated a proven ability to reach decision makers. And, we have developed substantial experience on issues of vital importance to those marketing to the healthcare industry.

Proven Ability to Reach Decision Makers

The experience of our interviewers, the respect that we show the respondents, and the name recognition of our company among industry professionals, give us access to the key decision makers who have the information you need. Using a range of techniques, we have interviewed:

  • Directors/VPs of nursing
  • Specialty nurses
  • Materials managers
  • Sterile processing managers
  • Lab directors and managers
  • Biologists/Chemists
  • Clinical researchers
  • Physicians
  • Senior hospital administrators
  • Long term care facility administrators
  • Medical technicians
  • Directors of purchasing
  • Patients and family members who assist with in-home care
  • Corporate benefits managers
  • Medical facility contractors/architects

Experience Addressing Critical Healthcare Marketing Issues

We have experience exploring issues that are critical to those who market to the healthcare industry:

  • Tracking customer satisfaction and providing notices when action is needed
  • Defining factors that influence vendor selection among end-users, purchasing directors, and senior corporate managers, including factors that motivate vendor switching
  • Determining the impact of changes in reimbursement programs and healthcare alliances on purchasing and services utilization
  • Exploring features and functions that define the ideal product
  • Determining factors that differentiate products and companies within the healthcare industry
  • Exploring optimum purchase and delivery channels for various market segments

The Ability to Select and Execute the Right Data Collection Method for Your Needs

With expertise in a range of data collection methods, we will select and expertly execute the best approach for your information needs: focus groups, in-depth interviews, telephone interviews, online interviews, or a hybrid approach.