Company Management

Charlene Pettyjohn, Director of Interviewing Services

Charlene joined Calo Research Services in 2004, with more than 20 years of experience in field management. At Calo Research Services, Charlene manages our in-house interviewing team that focuses on the interviewing of professionals in medicine, law and accounting; plus, business decision-makers and users of technology in a range of industries. Her team also handles the recruiting of B2B respondents and professionals who participate in our focus groups throughout the United States.

Charlene’s background includes 12 years of experience with Burke Marketing Research, where she worked in field management and quality control positions. In addition to Burke, she has 10 years of experience in field management with other marketing research providers.

Our Interviewing Team

In an era when most telephone interviewing facilities are staffed with students and temporary workers who view their positions as short-term commitments, our interviewing team is clearly different. Our telephone interviewing center is staffed with mature adults who have the work, education, and life experiences that allow them to be conversational with the business and professional audiences that our clients target.

Turnover among our interviewing staff is uncommonly low. This permits continuity in the assignment of interviewers to a client’s studies that most research companies could not match.