Company Management

Nicholas G. Calo, President

Nicholas G. Calo, President Nick has more than 20 years of experience designing and executing quantitative and qualitative research for clients in business-to-business and consumer markets.

His business-to-business research has frequently been conducted for clients who target professionals (e.g., attorneys, accountants, engineers, architects) and business decision makers working in a range of B2B markets (e.g., automotive, technology, legal, accounting, medical, financial, insurance, telecommunications and construction). Nick's consumer research experience covers a wide range of categories, including consumer electronics, personal finance, personal care products, food and beverages, home improvement, sporting goods and recreation.

Prior to forming Calo Research Services in 1986, Nick was a Vice President and Partner with Burke Marketing Research. At Burke, he developed and taught the Qualitative Research Seminar that was part of Burke's prestigious seminar program. This was the first major qualitative research seminar in the industry and a variation of this seminar is still being taught today through the Burke Institute. This seminar has been responsible for teaching many of today's moderators in the structured, non-directive technique that Nick uses.

Nick has spoken at national conventions of the AMA and ARF. He has published articles in major trade periodicals on business-to-business research, trends in research, and qualitative methods.

Academically, Nick holds a Master's Degree in Psychology from Xavier University and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati.